26.7.13 | By: Aktivista

Nettuno Stadio August 10th, 1985 Rome ITALY *Unknown gig"

Track 1: Spangle Maker, Dear Heart,
(This is where Liz says they are going to
have leave a couple of songs out of the set and she swears)
Track 2: Rococco, Pearly, Lorelei, Flagstones,
Pepper-Tree, Musette & Drums,
(Liz apologizes say it's a pile of shit up here,
Robin asks Lincoln Fong for assistance)
Aikea- Guinea and with a (goodbye)
Quisquose. cuts off.
(You can tell she was frustrated
and it showed in this song
with her vocals-AMAZING)

SOURCE - my good friend and friend of this blog Mr. SL

From our new friend from Italy we have very new information about this "Unknown gig" and it can be seen above. It is from Rome , ITALY. THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

This is from Rome, Nettuno Stadio 10th August 1985, where support was from The Woodentops & Pink Industry.
Where is the photo from ?

Anonymous said...

I have not seen this picture before- do you know which gig it is from? Have you any others from this gig to post? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Not sure where the photo is from. I think it's early in 1985- Could be Germany? I found it on the web randomly with no info. I gave it to my friend to post because it was so rare. I so appreciate the info on the Italy gig. I have had it for so long and was told it was Japan and that didn't sound right. Grazie! Scott SL

drtorre said...

Another support was NADJA: