26.7.17 | By: Aktivista Neumorni

Bologna, October 27th, 1986 Italy

1. Lazy Calm

2. Hitherto

3. SighÕs Smell of Farewell

4. My Love Paramour

5. Sea Swallow Me

6. Plain Tiger

7. LoveÕs Easy Tears

8. Instrumental

9. Sugar Hiccup

10. Those Eyes, That Mouth

11. Pink Orange Red

12. Plain Tiger

13. Loves Easy Tears

25.7.17 | By: Aktivista

Newport music hall, September 19th 1985, Columbus USA

Spangle Maker 

Dear Heart
Pale Clouded White
From The Flagstones
Plain Tiger
Pearly Dew Drops' Drops
Liz thanks Ivo and Tim and his family (Tim is the reporter who was responsible for the Cocteau Twins going to Columbus. He was a huge supporter of the band) Liz says last one
Musette and Drums. 

Greek Theatre, April 3rd 1985 Bourges Festival, BELGIUM

Spangle Maker-
Dear Heart audience member sneezes loudly
Pearly Dew Drops' Drops  
From The Flagstones
Pepper Tree
Liz says "We'd like to thank Dead Can Dance"
Musette and Drums
Pepper Tree

Vooruit April 1st 1983, Gent BELGIUM

1. The Spanglemaker

2. Dear Heart

3. Aikea Guinea

4. Quisquose

5. Rococo

6. Pearly DewdropsÕ Drops

7. Lorelei

8. From The Flagstones

9. Pepper Tree

10. Musette & Drums

11. Aikea Guinea

12. Quisquose

Rats Club, October.30th,1984 Oslo NORWAY